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LHC Bank Granted Rare Authorisation to Unlock Bridging Market for Private Investors

London, United Kingdom, 2nd Feb 2024 – Lambert House Consulting (LHC), also known as LHC bank, is proud to announce that it has recently received full authorisation to secure Bonds in the bridging market, making it one of the few UK institutions to have achieved this distinction. This authorisation opens a vast and ever-expanding market for LHC, as it now can make previously unavailable high-yield, fixed income bonds accessible to private investors.

LHC Bank Granted Rare Authorisation to Unlock Bridging Market for Private Investors

In simple terms, LHC acts as an intermediary between the private investor and the bond issuer. It breaks down the bonds into smaller tranches and reissues them to the private investor, providing them with the opportunity to earn high returns in a fixed rate market. This investment avenue has gained immense popularity in today’s financial climate, with an exponentially growing influx of investment. In fact, it is expected that a significant amount of money will be shifting from variable rate products to this sector in 2024, until global markets stabilise.


Julian Rimmer, the head of the department at LHC bank responsible for this new endeavor, expressed his excitement about this opportunity. He described the ability to bridge between institutional and retail as refreshingly smooth, stating that he had never witnessed such a seamless movement before.


Rimmer believes that this milestone authorisation will have positive impacts on both LHC bank and its clients. By making the previously exclusive high-yield bonds accessible to private investors, LHC bank is providing an avenue for individuals to diversify their investment portfolios and potentially earn higher returns. This opens new doors for investors who have previously been unable to access these types of investments.


In addition, this development solidifies LHC’s position as a trusted and progressive financial institution. The full authorisation to trade in the bridging market demonstrates LHC’s commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to evolving financial markets. By seeing the potential in the retail market and fulfilling the growing demand for high-yield fixed income bonds, LHC is carving out a unique space for itself within the financial industry.


Peter Smith LHC’s head of compliance said that success in obtaining full authorisation in the bridging market is a testament to their expertise and dedication to providing exceptional services to its clients. With the ability to connect private investors with issuers of high-yield bonds, LHC bank is facilitating growth, financial well-being, and investment opportunities for its clients. As the company looks towards the future, it is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the industry and serving the evolving needs of its clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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